Top Golf Spring


Recently Top Golf invited a group of bloggers out for a girls night out! There was a wine tasting, delicious food, giveaways and of course golf!

If you’ve never been to a Top Golf before, then find the nearest one and go asap. I know I know you may not be a golfer, but that is totally okay! I haven’t golfed since I was in high-school and I have gone with so many friends that have never golfed in their life. And you know what? Everyone has such a good time! There are so many different games you  can play, its really like mini-golf only you get to hit the ball really far. (come on, I know you’ve wanted to when you play mini-golf, now’s your chance!)


topgolf spring
Here’s some tips:

  1. Go with some friends- you can fit 6 people in a bay to play at once, fill it up! Even better, get two bays side by side and go with an even bigger group!
  2. Don’t pressure yourself- just have fun, don’t try to be super good because unless you’ve been playing forever you’re gonna be like me and mess up a lot. But its okay, trust me, you’re going to have fun anyways!
  3. Order snacks- they have the most delicious food! Seriously, I know you wouldn’t expect it at a place you go and play games. But they have a top chef from Houston and everything I have ever had there is amazing! I recommend those cookies ^ and their injectable donutholes. Yes. You read that right.


Thank you Top Golf – Spring, for having all of us Houston Bloggers out! We had such a blast. Hubs and I even went back that next weekend. I’m ready for another Top Golf party, who’s in?

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  • Reply Michelle Heath

    This was so much fun, we have to do it again! Granted I’m more excited for more whoopie pies than golf. They were the bomb!

    July 23, 2015 at 4:56 pm
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