Knitting Inspiration

    knitting inspiration

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    I started knitting in October of this year, and have fallen in love. It is the most relaxing thing for me to sit and do at night while watching/listening to the tv (especially when its gilmore girls). It is such an anxiety and stress reliever. You don’t have to think to much, yet your mind isn’t wandering all over the place because you’re focusing Read more


    Holiday Traveling Tips

    Traveling during the holidays is both FUN and can be exhausting and stressful. Both depend on who you’re going to see, and how long you’re going to be gone! I’ve got a few tips and ideas to help make traveling during the holidays more FUN than anything else on that list. Read more


    Refocusing Your Life

    fall fashion

    I think this is something new that I am experiencing, and yet, its not something new at all. I am blessed to live in a world where opportunities are endless, dreams come true, and hard work pays off. The world is open and you can work hard and make things happen. This is both exhilarating and exhausting. On one hand, wow, I can do whatever I want! If I want to be a doctor, a lawyer, an artist, a business owner, I can make that happen. Hard work and dedication, that’s what you need.

    On the other hand, Read more


    Pop Up Sale

    Pop up sale
    I’ve been knitting up a storm for a craft market and have leftovers!

    Tonight, here on my Instagram account @breepair I’m having a pop up sale!

    Price will be as marked and only one will be available in each for immediate shipping. Multiple people can purchase, but the first person to put their email and pay will get their item mailed out on Wednesday. All other purchases after that will be made to order (custom colors are available, just comment with what color you want)

    Also, I am going to be giving away a Earwarmer in your color choice! Just repost this pic on Instagram and tag @breepair and #breeknits

    See ya over there!