Dressing Room Selfies


Alright, confession time. I’m a big dressing room selfie taker! I try to reign myself in and not do it everytime but…

Most of the time, if I’m doing it its to send a picture of the outfit to my sister or bloggy friend Bri. And usually the accompanying text is “yay or nay?” I’ve seen people post these selfies on Instagram but I know I wont get feedback in time. I’ll upload to IG and then wait and wander around the store, get a couple feedback, and make my decision. Only to get home and see that there are a million more opinions 2 hours later!

So then there are other times when I’m like, Oh! This top looks cute, and my hair is looking fabulous, lets take a selfie! And then i put back the adorable tan and black polka dot sweater, saying that I’m going to wait for it to go on sale. . .

Here’s a tip. If you L-O-V-E that shirt/dress/skirt/jeans you try on, can’t live without it, but decide to wait on it to go on sale. You’re making a mistake!!!! Just buy it! Because. It. Won’t. Be. There. Again! And you’ll kick yourself 2 years later while you’re still dreaming of said sweater. And I have a selfie picture of myself in it, but can. not. find. it. Maybe its trying to tell me, let it go, just let it go.




So, are you a dressing room selfie taker? And do you have that one item you tried on, said you were going to wait for it to go on sale, and then kicking yourself because they ran out of it before you could buy it?

Custom Watercolor Illustrations


We’ll y’all know me by now. Its even in my blog header now- a girl with too many hobbies! Can’t stop. Won’t stop. (no, like, I legit couldn’t stop if I wanted to, It would be torture).

I just like learning new things, and being crafty. And I’ve recently fallen in l-o-v-e with watercolors. These illustrations are so much fun for me to do, I love creating something special that families will love and captures a moment in time for them. I started doing this just by messing around and did one for a friend that was moving. I posted it on my Instagram, and then I started getting requests for them. So I decided to put them in the shop.

watercolor illustration


custom watercolor

custom portrait illustration

custom portrait


I’d love to create one for you! Capturing a special moment for your family, that is what I love being able to do. I’m working on a wedding illustration right now, as well as a maternity one. Make sure to follow along on Facebook & Instagram for regular updates!

If you want a custom watercolor illustration, leave a comment, email me (breepair@gmail.com) or visit my shop.

What type of hobbies do you have?

Purple Nail Polish

purple nail polish


In a Lily Bit | Warm & Toasty Turtleneck | Lilac-ing Discipline | Friends Forever, Right? | Too Taboo

I’ve noticed lately that I have collected a LOT of purple nail polish. And I’m not normally a person that wears a lot of purple. Like Essie’s “Too Taboo” I think I have a dress that has that color in it, and a bracelet, but otherwise, no, that’s not a color I’d usually wear. I have a bright blue nail polish too, and I have no clothes that are that bright!

Do you get more daring with your nail polish, or do you keep it about the same as your wardrobe?

These 5 shades of purple are gorgeous! I’m currently wearing “Warm & Toasty Turtleneck” on my toes, and will be putting on my newest one “Friends Forever, Right?” on my fingers tonight. I just got it this weekend. I saw it on a nail blog (can’t remember the name… yike!) and loved how it came out on her. I’ll post a picture on my Instagram of how it comes out on me!

Do you have a lot of shades of a certain color of nail polish in your collection?

10 Minute Tidy

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Sharpie, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #SharpieClearview http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

Be more productive

Working from home has its challenges. One of the things is that when my house is messy, I am always more distracted from my work! I can be in my office working, but I know the house is a mess and somehow it just always ends up distracting me. I know that it doesn’t take me that long to tidy up the house so I can focus more, so that’s why I made this FREE PRINTABLE. The 10 Minute Tidy list. Click the link to download it for yourself.

Now for your list, add simple things that bug you while you’re working, but aren’t going to take you an hour to do. So don’t put down organize the pantry! Because unless that’s on your productivity list for the day, its gonna backfire. Instead put down things like, wipe down the kitchen counters, or do a quick sweep. Its a “tidy” list to help you be more productive. Now when I have everything crossed off my list with my awesome Sharpie ClearView Markers  (you can get them at Walgreens!) I know when I walk into the kitchen to grab a glass of water, I’m not gonna be distracted and wanting to clean up! (more…)

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