10 Minute Tidy

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Be more productive

Working from home has its challenges. One of the things is that when my house is messy, I am always more distracted from my work! I can be in my office working, but I know the house is a mess and somehow it just always ends up distracting me. I know that it doesn’t take me that long to tidy up the house so I can focus more, so that’s why I made this FREE PRINTABLE. The 10 Minute Tidy list. Click the link to download it for yourself.

Now for your list, add simple things that bug you while you’re working, but aren’t going to take you an hour to do. So don’t put down organize the pantry! Because unless that’s on your productivity list for the day, its gonna backfire. Instead put down things like, wipe down the kitchen counters, or do a quick sweep. Its a “tidy” list to help you be more productive. Now when I have everything crossed off my list with my awesome Sharpie ClearView Markers  (you can get them at Walgreens!) I know when I walk into the kitchen to grab a glass of water, I’m not gonna be distracted and wanting to clean up! (more…)

5 Tips for Blog Cards

blogging cards

I’m headed to Blog Elevated Conference this September- so excited! One thing about going to these conferences is that you always need to have blog cards! Networking is such a huge component of blogging, whether its in person or through social media. When you’re online it’s easy for people to see where you’re blogging at (hopefully – if you’re branding correctly!) but when you’re in person, you need to have blogging cards.

You don’t need blogging cards just for conferences, but you need them if you’re going to any meetups, going to an event, or if you just want to spread the word about your blog in general! I don’t always bring up that I’m a blogger in conversation with friends or new acquaintances, but when it does come up, they always want to know where they can find your blog. *insert- handing them your blog card*

So here are some tips for creating blog cards that are going to work for you- and make people want to RUN TO THE COMPUTER and check out your blog! (but seriously- running to the computer to see your blog- wouldn’t that be somethin’?) (more…)

Painting with a Twist – The Woodlands

painting party

Wednesday a group of us bloggers were invited out to Painting with a Twist- The Woodlands, to come have a party! Free painting, food, and wine? Yep- we’re in! I loved Painting with a Twist. I had been to one other painting and wine places before, and had fun. However, this place is my new favorite! There were so many GOOD pictures to paint. They have over 4,000 paintings that they are able to do for a class. So there is always going to be something new and pretty!

Each artwork was conceptualized and executed by the instructors with the idea of being an easy to follow piece of art for the inexperienced painter. The artwork ranges from landscapes, abstracts and cityscapes, to creative renderings of seafood, animals, iconic buildings and florals.

You don’t have to have any experience with painting, in fact, I think probably 99% of us girls had no idea what we were doing! There was one girl we kept hearing the teacher joking with that she knew what she was doing, but otherwise we were all just laughing our way through it. The instructor was great, and makes it so easy to follow along! They had about 3 extra instructors walking around to help anyone out if they needed it. And as you can tell from the picture above, everyone’s painting is slightly different, but everyone’s is beautiful and unique!

painting with wine

These are the ladies that started Painting with a Twist. They started it in New Orleans, right after Katrina. The storm flooded Deano’s house and destroyed Maloney’s husband’s three truck stops in Mandeville, La., but the two fundraising enthusiasts wanted to focus on helping their community recover. Once a month, each store donates a portion of the day’s sales to charity (they’re doing Wounded Warriors next month). They continued to grow and grow their business, turned it into a franchise, and now there are over 150 locations in 26 states!

woodlands painting party

I’m so glad Whitney was able to come with me! We had a great time.

houston bloggers group

painting with a twist woodlands

Have you ever gone to Painting with a Twist? Or a version of it? Did you have fun!?

Grey Bedroom

grey and turquoise bedroom

Literally, the color grey not the book. Come on now. Get your head out of the book.

I was re-arranging our room the other day and decided it was about time to share some pictures of our house on the blog! I mean, its only been 3 years since I started blogging… and I do talk about decorating on here so… #mybad Sometimes Pinterest makes us intimidated to share how our home really looks! Pinterest is deceptive people. Not everyone’s homes (mine included) is Pinterest perfect. But I do love our grey bedroom. I’m so glad we decided to go with that color for the walls!

We’ve had the same and dresser since we got married (almost 4 years ago!), and the nightstands we added about a year later. The picture above the bed? I’ve had that since I was … 17? See – not everyone has brand new stuff all the time! You’re not alone. Sometimes you just got to work with what you have.

black and grey bedroom

grey and neutral bedroom

Newer things in this room… that gorgeous bench/ottoman. My parents got it for us last Christmas! We’d been searching for one for our room forever. We were being a tad picky. So when they gave us this we were so excited! By far, the favorite piece of furniture in our room. Maybe the house? (minus our dining table- I’ll have to show you that soon…)

The other new thing in the room is our quilt. We have a thick comforter that is dark grey, but it is way too hot for us to use in the summertime! So this year we bought this quilt. We love it! I love the brightness it adds to our room. Its going to be hard to switch back to the dark comforter for winter.

yellow and grey bedroom

Those books- we got them from a garage sale about 2 years ago. We got the entire set, and they all still had the covers on them (u-g-l-y) but underneath, love the design! They’re gorgeous. I grabbed the colors that matched our room and set them up. The rest are in the garage waiting for their time to shine.

neutral master bedroom

grey master bedroom

Our Lavender aromatherapy reeds are from Massage Heights. That is the smell I’d get when I went for a massage so hubs got it for me on my birthday this year. I love how relaxing the smell is for our room. Its perfect.

The honeycomb pattern jar was an Easter special from target. The topper has a bunny on it, but I loved the color and it was on clearance for like… $4? Shopping at Target & Hobby Lobby after the holidays for things that don’t look holidayish and will match my house is my favorite thing to do!

The jewelry dish is from my sister (JCrew I think?) And the moose is from a shop in Colorado- I got it on our trip there this summer. Isn’t he so cute? I may  have a moose problem… wait until you see what I got from Z-Gallery.

Do you bargain shop for your house decorations? What are your tips?

15 Citrus Recipes

citrus recipes

Lately I’ve been in the mood for some delicious citrus food! So I thought I’d do the leg work for us and round up some delicious looking recipes! Click More to check them out!

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