April 14, 2014

Beach Ready


Whew- I am ready for a vacation! Beach or lake, that would be my pick. I’d head there tonight and stay through Easter. Sounds like a good plan, right?

So a bit of an update into the life of Bree… I got a new blog look (finally), what do you guys think about it? I wanted something simple, clean, and would allow me to focus more on the posts and getting better imagery for my readers. I may tweak it a little more here and there, but I’m pretty happy with it. I learned a lot of new coding to get it to look like this, so that was a bonus! If you need your blog tweaked, I now have some extra skillz to bring to the table.

I have been successfully working from home for the past couple months and its been fabulous! I’ve been really busy, but I love the luxury of working at home, having a really nice office set up, and on days where its super rainy yuk outside I don’t have to drive downtown!

What have I been doing from home? A gazillion things! I am working with a couple different companies to do contract (graphic design) work for them, as well as clients that I have gotten on my own. I do anything from logos and branding, to anything that is printable, to web design! On my to-do list is to get a nice website for myself set up so I can show off some more of what I can do. For now though, I’m just working away.

Other than that, I have been selling felt garlands here and there, the shop is temporarily closed because I was getting overwhelmed with work, and it needs to be updated with new products! Hoping to get that set back up again within the next month *stay tuned*

I have been selling some purses here and there that I have somehow collected recently, all brand new with tags (think Coach and Vera Bradley) – so if you’re interested in seeing those, you can head over to this little blog. This one also needs to be updated with new goodies, attempting to do that TODAY actually. Woohoo!

Enough of work… lets get back to talk of the beach. . . I’m loving these two swimsuits I’ve seen recently. Which style do you like more?




-happy monday-

April 8, 2014

Loving this weather...

 The weather is gorgeous right now, I am sooo glad that my office has a huge window in it! I sit here in the office working on a computer, but get so much sunlight all day.

 I'm working on getting the look and feel of my blog updated. Bear with me through these changes. But, that does mean you'll see me on here more in the future. Getting my blogging mojo back. I've missed you all!

-happy tuesday-

March 20, 2014

First Day of Spring

Spring is here! … And hey- so am I! I know its been a long time, there has been a lot going on with me, and I’m trying to sort through things and find out the most constructive way to word things and share them with you.

Just a brief overview of a couple things that are changing with me…

  • Career – things are evolving and moving all over the place with this, and I am really busy with 3 different things I am trying to do at the moment. This has taken up 80% of my time and my thoughts right now. I haven’t been blogging, been doing anything fun and creative for ME, my house is barely standing. ;) J/k. Its standing. Just not clean always lol.
  • Family – This is the other 20% of my time right now. My family is moving in May and its been hard to deal with lately. So trying to be present, and focus on them as much as I can right now. And of course, making time for hubs.

When those two things aren’t consuming me, I’m trying to keep my house clean, spend quality time with hubs, do something healthy for myself every day, and um. SLEEP. :)

But it is SPRING! And that means it’s a new season. Its been a good day. I’m trying to be present, and to accept this new season and all that it is going to bring. Winter is gone, the old is gone, time to accept the new and to be present and focused and HAPPY! :)

And these pictures I took, quite a while ago… (like- last spring!) make me happy that it is spring time!







I hope you’re all doing great- I can’t wait to reconnect with you. Please leave comments and tell me how you are!! Anything I’ve missed out on with you, leave me a link if you’ve got a blog!

Happy Thursday!

February 26, 2014

Greek Yogurt Protein Bar

As by now everyone knows that Greek yogurt is much better for you than regular yogurt. It has double the protein, less sugar, and around the same amount of calories!

Here’s a comparison:

6oz Fage Greek Yogurt 0%

  • Calories: 100
  • Sugars: 7g
  • Protein: 18g

6oz Yoplait Fat Free Plain

  • Calories: 98
  • Sugars: 11.25
  • Protein: 9g

Crazy right? No- this is NOT a sponsored post. I just love Greek yogurt and it’s the only kind I will buy, and those comparisons are the reason for that. For the same amount of calories I can have double the protein and less sugar? Sign me up!

So here is a recipe with Greek Yogurt for you to try out!

Original recipe can be found on The Lean Green Bean. This is how I made mine…



  • 2 Cups Greek Yogurt (I used Fage 0%)
  • 6oz Blueberries (1 small container)
  • 3 large strawberries chopped in small pieces
  • Handful of slivered almonds
  • Handful of chopped walnuts
  • 6-10 drops of Vanilla Crème Stevia
  • Honey


  1. Mix all ingredients, except for honey, into a bowl
  2. Line a pan with foil (I used a 9x9)
  3. Place mixture into the foil pan, and spread out evenly.
  4. Cover with saran wrap and place in freezer
  5. Freeze until the mixture is solid
  6. Remove from freezer and let it thaw for about 5 minutes, or until you can cut it.
  7. Cut into squares and then place in an airtight container and store in the freezer.




I hope you love them!

-Happy Wednesday-

February 24, 2014

Studio Inspiration

This is the third week of Inspiration Mondays. What do you guys think? Do you like it? I’ve thought about maybe hosting a link-up on Mondays so we can all share our inspirations with each other. If you’re interested in participating or co-hosting let me know.

This week I wanted to post about a dream that I had a couple weeks ago. Its no big secret that I would love to have my own business one day, and work for myself and be able to provide creative jobs for others. So I had a dream about my studio. It was so… amazing. I even sketched it out because… it was so inspiring to me! That hey- maybe one day I can make this actually happen.

So anyways- I said all that because I wanted to show you things that Inspire me for an amazing studio space. Whether that’s me changing my home studio décor, or one day opening up my own space outside of the house. Inspired

Do you have a dream space? A room in your home, or a dream studio?

And if you’re interested in linking up or co-hosting an Inspiration Monday series, let me know!

Happy Monday!

February 21, 2014


Watching: White Collar. Hubs and I have been obsessed with this lately, watching it on Netflix. We are on season 4, and gonna be pretty sad when it ends!

Wearing: Its been warm here lately, got up to 80 degrees the other day! So my go to outfit has been a soft cotton skirt, tshirt with maybe a cute blouse over it, and some flats. Super casual… And reminds me, that I need to start getting tan again, jeans and leggings mean wow white! Time to pull out the tanning lotion!

Eating: Lately, I’ve gotten us to start eating brussel sprouts with dinner! We don’t have them all the time, but we did have them last night. I never ever thought that I would say that I actually like brussel sprouts! Who knew? And these ones look simply amazing!

Reading: Mollie Makes magazine, and I am going to download The Renaissance Soul to start reading this weekend. I’m pretty excited about starting this book!

molliemakes         therenaissancesoul

Blog Planning: A lot of DIY & recipe projects have been popping into my head as of late. So you’ll be able to see at least one a week for the next little while, I hope that’s ok with you! Also, I’ve been working on a facelift for the blog. Its taking me a long time, I thought I would have it up last Monday, but I’m still not 100% sure on the direction, so it will probably be another week or two! PS- Designing for yourself is really really hard!

Shopping: At places like Ace & Ivy and Jane! Look at this cute stuff you can get for such great deals!



What are you up to currently?

Happy Friday!

February 19, 2014

DIY Glitter Wine Bottles


This Saturday Jenn & I are are throwing a Blogger PJ party! We are super excited to be doing this, and we want the party to be completely girly! That means PINK, music, photobooth, wine, nail polish, and lots and lots of glitter!

So I have a super easy girly project for you. A way to wow your guests at your next party, and add some sparkle to the room. Why not put some glitter on your wine bottles? Jenn and I are huge fans of…. um… cheap moscato? And buying a lot of wine for a party is expensive! So get rid of the evidence, and instead put out a sparkly wine bottle.

PS- its super easy!



1// Gather your supplies. You’ll need:

  • Wine Bottles
  • Glitter
  • Mod Podge Glossy
  • Tape – any kind will work

2// Tape off your design on your bottle. I did one with one thick stripe of glitter, and another with three smaller stripes.



3// Cover the area you want to be glitterized in your modpodge and then sprinkle it with glitter!

4// Once your glitter has set up for a few minutes, add another layer of GLOSS modpodge (otherwise you’ll loose the sparkle) and then immediately remove the tape. (I didn’t do this, and my edges aren’t straight like I would like them to be).

  • I’m having you add a second layer of modpodge on top of the glitter to keep the glitter in place. Otherwise every time you or your guests pick up the bottle to pour, they’ll be glitterized! And as much as WE like glitter, I know that others wont appreciate being covered in it by the end of the night…. or will they?


Let it dry completely, and enjoy! I prefer mine with yummy strawberries. PS- run to the grocery store right now because all the long stemmed strawberries that are leftover from Valentines day are on sale!! I got these ginormous strawberries for just 2.88 a dozen. Super long stems too if you’d like to dip them (I obviously cut mine off for the pictures).




Happy Wednesday!

(HOUSTON BLOGGERS- if you haven’t heard about this party yet, its this Saturday at 6pm! shoot me an email for more info: breepair@gmail.com)

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