Blog Design Review: Episode 1


Hey everyone! I am really excited to announce a new series here on the blog & on my Youtube Channel where I review your blog’s design! As a graphic and web designer I have been wanting to be able to apply my skills to the blog world, and I love that I am able to help out in this way.

I will walk with you through a blog and we will talk about the functionality, overall design appeal, and how to make the blog more professional. This is a friendly critique, I have no intention of hurting anyone’s feelings. I am excited to be helping out bloggers to become more successful! Design and functionality plays a huge role in your blogs success, and as a blogger and graphic and web designer I am excited to start this new series!

So take a look at the video and be sure to let me know what you think! The first blog design I am reviewing is (more…)

Minnesota Summer Vacation

minneapolis lake cabin
Much Needed

All those things and more, that’s how my summer vacation was. Hubs & I were counting down the days *quite literally* until we left for vacation. Work had been extremely stressful for him the weeks leading up, working long hours, and just exhausted. I felt like I had hit a wall with work and couldn’t stay focused on anything.

Summer vacation was much needed! So we headed up to Minnesota, where the air is cleaner, the temperature is lower, and the pace is calmer. (more…)

Coach Purse Giveaway

I’m back!!

I’ve been missing blogging, but needed to get all of my ducks in a row. Funny because I just watched A Lot Like Love– yes the super duper cheesy romantical with Ashton Kutcher. Anywho- he kept talking about how he needed to get his ducks in a row before he could settle down/get a girlfriend/marry etc.

Well in my case, I felt like that was the case for my blog! (more…)

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