July 24, 2014

John Legend Concert

2014-07-23 19.19.33 copy

Hubs and I got last minute tickets to the John Legend concert last night, thanks to Whitney who works at the Pavilion! We had a great time. Date nights are always on the weekend for us, and during the week usually consists of gym time and cooking at home. So it was fun to break the routine and get out.


2014-07-23 20.15.28

John Legend…. amazing! It was such a fun, relaxing concert. He is charming and his music is so romantical. (I know that’s not a word-but I use it a lot… I think I heard it in a Disney movie or something.)

But for real- all of his music is beautiful, he is an amazing musician and singer. I would go see him in concert again for sure! Only next time I will pray that his concert lands in the fall if its outside again. Whew! It was a hot and humid one last night!

We still had a blast though. We kept ourselves laughing the entire time because there was a girl that was behind me that kept saying, “This is my song!!” First time- okay, that’s fine. . . but then once we hit about 5 “Lord, this is my song!!” … we started to not believe her anymore.

2014-07-23 20.37.31

Are you one that likes to enjoy the concert or do you try to take a gazillion pictures during the concert? I’m the former, and if you are the later, then… just ignore me.

I don’t really understand why you go to a concert and then are on your phone the entire time trying to take pictures or videos? There was a lady in front of us that kept trying to take pictures the entire night. And note how I keep saying “trying.” Because whenever you try to take pictures of screens because you’re too far back to actually get a picture of the person on stage, the screens always show up bright and you cant see anything on your phone.

I swear this lady had her phone out trying to take pictures for 60% of the concert. Every time it would come up we would start giggling because no matter how many times she tried she was getting nothing but a white bright screen. She got points for effort though, she sure tried hard. . .


Do you take a ton of pictures/videos at concerts, or do you just take one or two and then enjoy the show?

-Happy Thursday-

July 23, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday

IMG_0487-1 copy


IMG_0493 copy


IMG_0503 copy

top: Tommy Hilfigre Outlet | jeans: NYandCo | shoes: American Eagle | bracelet: JCrew Outlet | camera strap: LeslieStudio

I just can’t get enough of all the adorable camera straps that are out there right now! The last one I showed was a scarf camera strap, and this one is a gorgeous strap one, with a really nice soft suede on the interior!

This strap feels super sturdy, and I didn’t once worry about it coming undone. I usually leave my camera on, and tend to wear it cross-body style when I’m wondering around, especially while I’m on vacation. And this strap made me feel really comfortable doing that! Plus its really freakin’ adorable! Here’s some more detailed pictures:


Totally cute right?!

You can get one here at this awesome Etsy shop: LeslieStudio

There are a lot of different patterns and designs- I know you’ll find one you like, because I want one of each! Here’s a few more of my favorites…



Stop by and check it out!

-Happy Wednesday-

July 22, 2014

Pineapple Trend


I’m not sure how things become trends? If someone understands this can you please explain it to me? I’m guessing it was a trend in the past in fashion, and then the fashionista world decided to bring it back…. maybe.

Whatever, as long as its awesomely beautiful and delicious trends like pineapple, I’m okay with it! Now, the cropped shirts trend that’s going around right now… not a huge fan. But then, it could also be because I can’t pull off that trend? Maybe.

This trend I can get behind. And I want all of those things in one glorious pineapple day! I will be wearing my pineapple bangle, while carrying my pineapple tote, wearing my pineapple shoes. I will make that glorious looking pineapple pulled pork, while sipping my pineapple whip and nibbling on pineapple coconut lime bread. *sighhhhhh….*

Too much?


What trend are you loving/hating on right now?

July 18, 2014

4th of July- Colorado Style

***Let it be known, that my family can not take a good smiley photo. Crazy, half being wacko, have smiling normal, and blurry? We got that down to perfection.









Honestly- for a group shot this is the best we could do. 5 pictures later- this was the best. Good right?

(note the golf ball being held over my grandpas head) #ilovemycrazyfamily



This was a good one! (after being taken 23 times… I kid you not.)





I also got to try taking fireworks pics! Not bad for my first time!  Not great, but not bad.

2 weeks later- there is my July 4th recap. #rightontime

Happy Belated Birthday America!

July 17, 2014

Estes Park, Colorado


If you ever ask me where you should go in Colorado, I will ALWAYS say go to Estes Park. It’s a cute little artsy/touristy town in the mountains. A beautiful drive, only 35 minutes from the foothills in Loveland, CO. You can just go for the day, or stay up there for a weekend in a cabin. We’ve done that too, and had a lot of fun. You can go explore the town, go up to the Rocky Mountain National Forest, grab caramel crisp and fresh salt water taffy, and challenge your friends and family to a game of mini-golf (with the most gorgeous views!)















One of my cousins was off work for the day and able to get up to Estes with us!



This is the Stanley Hotel. It was built by the one and only Mr. Stanley Steamer himself! He catered to the rich and famous at this hotel. And – another historical fact- Stephen King stayed at this hotel, and it inspired him to write The Shining. *spooky!* And parts of the television mini series of The Shining were filmed there. Neat huh?

Its such a gorgeous hotel though- seriously. Many people have weddings there- it’s a perfect location for that, gorgeous view of the mountains, beautiful staircases and ballrooms. Plus since it’s a hotel people can stay in the same place as the location of the wedding! If hubs and I lived in Colorado when we were engaged- we probably would’ve gotten married there. #justsayin



And then- coming down from the mountains that evening, the Elk were out! I was sooo excited. We hadn’t seen any Elk up in the mountains and I was bummed because I really wanted hubs to see some! There were sooo many out when we came down the mountains. Even a bunch of baby elk playing together!

Another great day in Colorado!

July 10, 2014

Golfing in Colorado




So, my grandma lives in the house that we lived in as kids. Its on the first hole of a cute 9 hole golf course. You can walk out the gate in the backyard and be on the golf course! Its pretty amazing. Gorgeous views all day long. I’d love to live there! Too big of a house for hubs and I, but the view… would make me consider it.

I only played golf once while we were there but had so much fun. Went out to the driving range, and hubs went golfing several times with my brothers. He did really good for it being his first real time to golf! (first time was with a crazy cousin when they were young- and they just messed around the whole time…)







Yes, my siblings are dorks. Yes, my brother is a crazy man. Yes, he would kill me dead if he read my blog and saw this picture. #worth it





That sky!! Swoooooonnnnn isn’t it amazing?!

Oh- and tomorrow? Pictures of us hanging out in the most adorable town in the mountains!

-Happy Thursday-

July 9, 2014

Scarf Camera Strap WIWW




I recently got this adorable camera strap from an Etsy shop called “MaddieMichael” She makes the most adorable camera straps in all types of patterns and colors! Check the bottom of the post for a 20% off coupon code!

What I love about this strap is how super soft it is, and how easy it is to attach to your camera with the little clips! You don’t have to worry about threading and pulling and threading and adjusting… you know what I mean if you’ve ever changed your camera strap!





Another cool thing? You can add a lens pocket! I am constantly misplacing my lens cap, I need to buy a few extra… So this helps me out a ton! Its got a nice cute pocket that you can put it in- perfect!




Shorts: J Crew | Top: J Crew Outlet | Shoes: Old Navy | Embroidered Necklace: LeftyLex | Bracelet: J Crew Outlet

You can check out the Etsy shop for the camera strap here: MaddieMichael

And follow her on Instagram for lots of cute new items!


Plus! For a limited time- take 20% OFF! Use code: THETHINGABOUTJOY


- Happy Wednesday!-

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