Knitting Inspiration

knitting inspiration

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I started knitting in October of this year, and have fallen in love. It is the most relaxing thing for me to sit and do at night while watching/listening to the tv (especially when its gilmore girls). It is such an anxiety and stress reliever. You don’t have to think to much, yet your mind isn’t wandering all over the place because you’re focusing on the motion of the needles.

The reason I picked up this hobby was because of my great grandmother. Well, grandmothers actually, since I started I learned that two of my great grandmas used to crochet. I have one grandmas full set of crochet needles, and even the little leather pouch that she kept them in. She passed away when I was really young, and the only thing I remember about her is going over to her house and she would always be sitting in her recliner, crocheting a blanket while the tv was on.

I’m a very sentimental person (just ask my mom… whenever they were moving they were getting rid of a lot of old things and it was all I could do to not bring everything home with me!). So teaching myself to crochet was a way for me to connect with her, in some strange way. I’m crocheting a beautiful cream blanket, I can’t wait to share it with you all.

I started with crocheting granny squares but got rather bored and frustrated because I wasn’t seeing my work come together before my eyes. So I restarted with a blanket done by rows, so I can see it getting larger as I work on it.

But Knitting? After about a week of crochet, I decided to look up knitting tutorials. Knitting has always been intriguing to me. It looked so confusing and difficult! But after watching a couple youtube videos I realized it wasn’t that difficult at all! Now, granted, I am one that likes to teach myself new things constantly, so this challenge was something I was eager to tackle. After making a few scarves I tried my hand at knitting in the round and made a hat.

Now I’ve signed up for knitting classes, and have joined a knitting club that I go to weekly. I’ve made new friends (yes, I am one of the youngest in the group… but I love it). And its inspired me to create more and more. I’m making a list in my head of things I can knit during the summertime, since scarves and hats aren’t going to cut it here in Houston.

Have you tried knitting or crochet? Did your mom, or grandmothers do it too?

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Holiday Traveling Tips


Traveling during the holidays is both FUN and can be exhausting and stressful. Both depend on who you’re going to see, and how long you’re going to be gone! I’ve got a few tips and ideas to help make traveling during the holidays more FUN than anything else on that list. (more…)

Refocusing Your Life

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I think this is something new that I am experiencing, and yet, its not something new at all. I am blessed to live in a world where opportunities are endless, dreams come true, and hard work pays off. The world is open and you can work hard and make things happen. This is both exhilarating and exhausting. On one hand, wow, I can do whatever I want! If I want to be a doctor, a lawyer, an artist, a business owner, I can make that happen. Hard work and dedication, that’s what you need.

On the other hand, that is something very daunting. Wow. I can do whatever I want! And then the list goes off in your head of the endless possibilities and ideas. Your brain is thrown in a million different directions, and then … nothing. So many ideas, yet, getting yourself to focus and make just one thing happen seems like an impossibility. But then you go back and remember, you can make anything happen, you make lists of a million things to do, and then again… nothing.

In a world where possibilities are endless, why is it so hard for us to focus on one thing and make that the best thing? Why are we always looking at what else is possible, what might be, instead of going after that one thing?

Well… for me, the reasons are endless. Possibilities are endless, imagination goes crazy, your phone goes off and your flipping to the next thing. Your driving down the road and another idea goes off, then before you know it, your day is gone and nothing has been effectively accomplished.

Now, you may find yourself on any end of this spectrum. But, I think everyone finds themselves going through each of these scenarios during their life. So the question is, how do we focus and remove the distractions? How do we grab hold of that one vision and actually make it happen instead of saying “man, wouldn’t that be nice….”

I think it comes down to one thing. What is the driving voice behind all of those ideas? Is it to solve a certain problem, to become a business owner, to be at a certain level of authority in the office? If we find our driving force, and write it down, look at it every day, would we change anything, and make it happen?

I’m not sure… but I’m going to try it. I’ve got it written down, and on my computer screen for me to see everyday when I sit down to work. Try writing down your goal this week, and see if it makes a difference.

Does any of what I just said apply to you? Where do you find yourself on this spectrum of possibilities?


Christmas Cash Giveaway

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Well, Thankgiving is over, and now I am pulling out all my Christmas decorations and writing down any last minute gifts that I have to purchase! (Yes, I’m almost done shopping!) Today I have teamed up with a few other bloggers to giveaway $225 Cash to help with your shopping endeavors! Enter away below and make sure to check out these amazing ladies.

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Pop Up Sale

Pop up sale

I’ve been knitting up a storm for a craft market and have leftovers!

Tonight, here on my Instagram account @breepair I’m having a pop up sale!

Price will be as marked and only one will be available in each for immediate shipping. Multiple people can purchase, but the first person to put their email and pay will get their item mailed out on Wednesday. All other purchases after that will be made to order (custom colors are available, just comment with what color you want)

Also, I am going to be giving away a Earwarmer in your color choice! Just repost this pic on Instagram and tag @breepair and #breeknits

See ya over there!

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